MW Approach to Staying Healthy

Some Wisdom from an Old Friend


MW to Re-Open Offices on April 6


MW to Close St. Charles Office as of March 20, 2020 Until Further Notice

Please continue contacting individuals as you normally would as we will be monitoring e-mail and phone calls remotely during this time.

MW COVID-19 Precautionary Guidelines

1. If you feel sick or show signs and symptoms of the virus, STAY HOME. Reinforce this regularly at Toolbox Talks. See Attachment A for Signs and Symptoms.
2. If you realize an employee is showing signs of illness, tell someone. The Supervisor will SEND HIM OR HER HOME.
3. If someone on the job tests positive for the virus, anyone who has had contact with the individual will be required to be away from the job for at least 14 days.
4. Limit meetings. Utilize Skype or other teleconferencing means if possible. If you must physically meet, limit the attendance to half the capacity of the meeting room and keep seats at least 6 feet apart.
5. Avoid physical contact with coworkers and colleagues. Do not shake hands, fist bump, high five or anything similar.
6. No business air travel until further notice.
7. Work from home, if possible. Speak to your supervisor about options. We understand there will be times you must physically be at the office or job site to fulfill your responsibilities. Limit that time as much as possible.
8. Please let us know if you have been to an “at risk” place or event (Europe, China, Vegas Convention, Theme Park, music festival). Depending on the situation, you may be required to stay home for 14 days from the last potential exposure. This is not a punishment. It is in everyone’s best interest. See Attachment B for Risk Levels
9. If you are living with or are often around healthcare professionals, keep in mind this group is at a “High Exposure Risk” and signs and symptoms should be monitored regularly. 
10. New hires should be asked a series of questions about recent travel to “At risk” places or events and if they have been in contact with anyone who has contracted the virus. If so, we will need to make a decision on their start date.
11. Avoid letting visitors into our offices. Keep doors locked and place a sign on
the door indicating visitors should knock or call on the phone. The same rules apply to job trailers and batch plant trailers.
12. When driving employees to the jobsite, limit passengers to half the capacity of the available seating.
a. Ex: If you are using a 15 passenger van, no more than 7 employees should be in the van at once. No more than 3 passengers should be in a crew cab pick-up truck.
13. Vehicles and equipment should be kept clean. Disinfectant wipes shall be purchased and placed in vehicles and heavy equipment. Inside of cabs shall be wiped down before and after use.
14. Upgrade cleaning services at office locations.   

We’ve all been hearing about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) , and we’re taking it very seriously. Here are a few ways MW wants you to stay safe, healthy, and keep those around you from getting sick:


  • If you have flu-like symptoms –  Fever, Cough and Shortness of Breath – don’t be a hero – Stay Home until your fever has broken and you feel completely healthy


  • If someone in your household or someone with whom you’ve had close contact  has these symptoms, let you doctor know immediately. Don’t come to work until you know you are not carrying the virus. Unfortunately, this virus can spread before you even know you have it.
Guys, don’t worry. Your job will be here. Your health and the health of those around you are far more important. By taking care of yourself and those close to you, you help take care of the rest of us. Thanks for being you.

If you have any concerns about the COVID-19, please see a doctor for evaluation immediately.  See below for more information.

Be safe!  If you are sick are sick with any of the symptoms mentioned above, Stay Home until you feel better

– MW Management Team