Spring 2019 Newsletter

Colorado Update

As we get closer to finishing our first year out here in Colorado, we cannot say enough about the excitement we have for the possibilities here for Millstone Weber. We would have not been able to accomplish what we have done to date without the support of everyone at Millstone Weber and will need that continued support to make this endeavor a success.
We currently have 4 projects under contract:
DEN Concourse A West Paving – $18M
● Paving Package for the Expansion of Concourse A West for Turner/Flatiron JV. Package includes Concrete Paving, CTB, and Trench Drain.
DEN Concourse B East Enabling – $9M
● Enabling Package for the Expansion of Concourse B East for Holder/FCI JV. Package includes Site Capture, Pavement Removals, Foundation Excavation, and Site Utilities
Boulder County Quiet Zone – $400k
● Project for Boulder County along BNSF Track to make 6 crossings a Quiet Zone. Project includes Concrete Median, Curb & Gutter, Signing and Striping.
City of Brighton Ken Mitchel Park Trail – $650k
● Project for the City of Brighton to connect 2 existing concrete trails. Project includes 2.75 Miles of Concrete Trail.
●The Colorado Office is quickly filling up as we begin to start the
projects this spring.
● Christian Nazario joined us in January and will be a key part of our team as a General Foreman. He will be running the Boulder County Project.
● Scott Pentland recently relocated out to Denver in late March and will be another vital member of our team as a General Foreman. He will be running the City of Brighton Project.
● Curtis Daniels will be joining us in June as he is relocating from California with his Family and will be joining our team as a Field Engineer for the Concourse A West Project. Some of you may remember Curtis as he was a intern on the I-64 Gateway Project.
● Two Interns will be joining us for the summer from the Colorado School of Mines. Junior Taylor Cuba and Freshman Owen Jordan.
● In early April Roberto Hernandez and German Salazar joined us as the beginning of our local workforce.
● James Dixon has committed to the Superintendent position for DEN Concourse A West Expansion and will joining us in Early Summer.
If you are interested in opportunities here in Colorado don’t hesitate to contact Nick or Brandon.

Millstone Weber Way

Let’s talk about The MILLSTONE WEBER WAY and how it’s one of five Strategic Planning Initiatives undertaken by our Owner and Executives over a year ago to forge the way for our company’s future in an ever-changing construction market.  The MILLSTONE WEBER WAY is one of our five strengths and is based on valuing people, quality, innovation and making continuous improvement. It means we make a difference. As exceptional builders, we improve lives and give back to our families and community. The future depends on you and we know it; and with your help and input we are making improvements on how we can be successful both locally and regionally.
Last year we worked on ways to support the other four initiatives as they developed strategies, built relationships with new owners, expanded one office and opened another and we were successful on several out of town projects. That didn’t happen by accident, it was made possible from a lot of planning and the execution of those plans with a lot of hard work from all of YOU who make up The MILLSTONE WEBER TEAM. We also added new team members last year to our Estimating and Marketing departments and moved a couple of people around internally to build up our Business Development capabilities. There’s been an increased focus on providing extra training options and career path development for our field and office personnel with the end goal of keeping us competitive. We want you to feel confident in the work you do and be part of The MILLSTON WEBER FAMILY for many years to come.
This year, keep an eye on new job training and career growth options, look for new community involvement and volunteer opportunities, we’ll be expanding and improving our Internship Program, you’ll see Executives making more job site visits and social events are being planned to bring us together and to celebrate our successes. Don’t forget to check out our recently updated website and new social media accounts and help us spread the word that MILLSTONE WEBER is a GREAT place to work!
– Bob H.

Strengthen STL

A little over a year ago Thom sent out an email letting everyone in the company know of 5 goals to make this company grow and prosper, one of which was to Strengthen our position in St. Louis by adding more private work to our core public work. While most of you didn’t see anything happening, I’m here to tell you things were. We spent a lot of last year developing a private market business development strategy and searching for who is going to be dedicated to developing this new business. A small business development “team”  of Chris Wilmes, Matt Holley, and John Byrd was formed to get this goal on track. First and foremost they will be working on keeping current clients happy and pressing to do more work for them. Second item of business is making new contacts and searching out new business with an emphasis on the trucking, ports, and freight industry.
Currently MW has 4 contracts approved for work at Ameren’s Rush Island location and two others submitted. These are small jobs but are a necessary step in helping this goal succeed.  MW also has concrete paving proposals in with Louis Dreyfus and COFCO, two large agriculture facilities located on the Mississippi River. While our business development team continues their pursuit of more private work many of us will be focusing our efforts on the $225 Million I-270 North Design Build pursuit. MW has teamed up with Parsons for the pursuit that starts at the end of April and will be awarded in Early November.
 – Brett

Aviation Update

When we first started the discussion of expanding our presence in the aviation market, we were mainly focusing on other public and private airports similar to the work we perform at Lambert International.  Denver International made logical sense because of the of the massive expansion currently going on at the airport along with opening an office in Colorado.  In addition to DEN, there are a few other airports that we have also been targeting for larger projects including Memphis, Kansas City, and Indianapolis.  Memphis International has a large concrete paving project bidding at the end of May. 
Beyond these opportunities we have been expanding on our original plan to include pursuing more work for the Federal Government and the Department of Defense (DOD).  There are numerous opportunities in this market where Millstone Weber can demonstrate our vast knowledge and expertise in horizontal construction.  DOD will include structural work and concrete paving requiring high quality construction (a lot of the things we specialize in)!
We believe we are just scratching the surface.  We have submitted multiple “sources sought” market analysis for the federal government with strategic partners for potential future opportunities which could lead to us being invited to bid on projects with limited competition and awarded based on overall project value, not just low bid.  As Thom always says, its better to get in on the front of these things, not when everyone is packing up their toys and going elsewhere.
Some of the potential DOD and Corps of Engineer bids are:  East St. Louis Cutoff Wall, SOF Mountaineering Facility, Teller Dam, Camp Lejeune in North Carolina, Omaha Offutt Air Force Base, Mountain Home Air Force Base in Idaho, and Hurlburt Field in NW Florida.
If you have a specific interest in getting involved with military construction or would like to hear more about what Millstone Weber is doing to expand in this area, please let me know. 
– Matt A.

Rail Update

We’re looking forward to the future and expanding Millstone Weber’s presence in the rail-construction market. In 2018, we went through a lot of effort to make new contacts in the industry with new and existing owners and engineers. We’re seeing those efforts pay dividends in the amount of opportunities to bid on projects we’re receiving, so we’re narrowing the focus to a select few owners, Union Pacific Railroad and BNSF Railway. Both UPRR and BNSF know Millstone Weber through our experience working with them on past projects. They know we deliver quality work, we do it safely, and we have their best interests in mind on every project. Millstone Weber has earned a great reputation with key decision makers at both UPRR and BNSF thanks to the hard work and dedication of everyone involved with our current and past rail projects.
This year, we want to build on our reputation by winning projects and growing our portfolio. While there will be opportunities for projects close to St. Louis, a majority of the spending this year is focused in other parts of the country. Both BNSF and UPRR are spending a lot of money in Texas, specifically in the Dallas/Fort Worth and Gulf Coast areas on capacity improvements due to large volume growth in the state. BNSF and UPRR are also expected to spend heavily in the Chicagoland area on maintenance and repair of their aging infrastructure and inside their intermodal facilities.
Here locally, there are a few projects we’re targeting in 2019. UPRR will be making repairs and improvements to its Dupo Yard again this year, and BNSF will be soliciting another project to make additional repairs inside its Lindenwood Yard facility. Terminal Railroad of St. Louis will also have a design-build project out for bid before the fall of this year. This project will replace a section of the MacArthur Bridge over Broadway in downtown St. Louis. MW has a verbal agreement in place with HDR to pursue this project once it’s out for bid. In East St. Louis, Terminal Railroad and KCS have another project slated for solicitation later this year or early next year that will replace an aging bridge carrying four tracks across Collinsville Road.
Overall, we’re excited about Millstone Weber’s position in the rail-construction market. We’ve delivered on projects for good owners and have had a lot of success doing so. While we wish there were more opportunities locally, we will be aggressive in our pursuit of those projects that are in our backyard. Outside the St. Louis area, we will be strategic about pursuing projects that align with our goals. If you have any questions about specific projects, or want to get involved in any way with our initiative to expand in the rail construction market, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
– Matt H.

UPRR De Soto Blast Building
(Job 201712) – De Soto, MO

The Union Pacific De Soto Car Shop was established in 1857 by the St. Louis and Iron Mountain Railroad and is one of the largest rail car repair and painting facilities owned and operated by the Union Pacific Railroad. MW made it’s mark on this historic facility with the demolition of two pre-1950’s blasting facilities while making way for a new 20,000 square foot blasting facility. Through great coordination and team effort, MW was able to adhere to the precise foundation tolerances that were vital to facilitating the construction of the new pre-fabricated metal building. Working in conjunction with the local UP staff, while minimizing the impact to ongoing yard operations, MW was able to deliver a state-of-the-art facility to the owners.  This new facility will increase the car shop’s overall production for rail car rehabilitation well into the future. This project was a significant achievement for Millstone Weber.  Once again – demonstrating the company’s ability to take on a wide array of civil and commercial building projects.  Some of the major work items involved in this project are listed below.

Major Items of Work:

●1,200 CY – 4 ,000 psi concrete
 o 1,200 SY – 8” Slab on Grade
 o 600 SY – 24” Slab on Grade
 o 750 LF – Grade Beams
 o 400 LF – 8”x 8” Curb
 o 33 EA – Cast in Place Pile Caps
●167,000 LBS – Reinforcing Steel
●20,000 SF – Pre-Engineered Metal Building
 o 36,500 SF – Metal Sheeting
●140 EA – Auger Cast Piles 
 o 60 EA @ 18” Diameter
 o 80 EA @ 14” Diameter
● 620 TF – Direct Fixation Track
●19 EA – Pre-Cast Manhole Structures
 o 7 EA @ 48” Diameter
 o 11 EA @ 60” Diameter
 o 1 EA @ 72” Diameter
●1,000 LF – of Drainage Pipe
 o 675 LF of 8” PVC
 o 300 LF of 18” HDPE
 o 475 LF of 30” HDPE

Owner: Union Pacific Railroad
Engineer: Transystems
Contract Value: $5.3 Million
Key Management Personnel: Jason Highley – Project Manager, Rick Crain – Project Superintendent, Jake Byrd – Field Engineer.
Key Hourly Personnel: Matt Kinsler – Carpenter General Foreman, Erin Garner – Laborer General Foreman
Key Subcontractors: ACME Constructors/American Building, Co. – Pre-Engineered Metal Building, Berkel, Co. – Auger Cast Piles, Icon Mechanical – Heating/Ventilation & Mechanical Piping, J-Track – Rail Demolition & Installation, Reinhold Electric, Inc. – Power, lights and grounding, United Rebar, Inc. – Reinforcing Steel.
– Jake


Lets Talk….

about safety
With the 2019 construction season upon us, let’s take a moment and reflect on the success of 2018. In 2018, Millstone Weber had reduced our OSHA recordable injuries by more than half from the previous year. In 2018, we incurred three OSHA recordable injuries giving us a Total Recordable Incident rate of 1.9 which is less than the industry average of 3.5 for heavy highway and bridge work. Excellent job! This can only be accomplished with the mindfulness and diligence of every employee working safely together and watching out for one another. We need to keep this going as we all know safety is just good business!  
One trend we did notice after reviewing the total reported injuries (15) in 2018 was that just over half was a result of a slip, trip, fall from the same level. That said, as we make our way into the 2019 construction season, please pay particular attention to ground conditions and the terrain you are working on. Report areas of concern to your supervisor. 

Good housekeeping practices also play a major part in reducing these types of incidents. To maintain a clean and safe jobsite:

  1. Keep your work area clean throughout the day so that clutter doesn’t accumulate; this will save you time at the end of the day when you have to clean up anyway.
  2. Keep trash and debris off the floors by using the appropriate trash bins.
  3. Put your tools away after you have used them so that you will find them easily the next time you need them.
  4. Stack materials and supplies properly and secure them so they will not fall, tip over, or slide.
  5. If you find a problem you cannot fix, report it to your supervisor.
With good housekeeping comes an increase in productivity.  The cleaner you keep your work area, the less time you’ll spend maneuvering over or around a mess, reporting accidents, and looking for misplaced tools or materials.  A clean worksite can also improve employee morale.  You will find your jobsite a more satisfying place to spend your time if you don’t have to deal with a cluttered, messy, and disorganized work environment.
One last think to consider as we move into the construction season is our own personal attitude towards safety. Remember, attitude affects behavior. If you have a positive attitude, odds are you will do your job safely. A negative or careless attitude toward safety will only cause conflict, stress and quite possibly, an accident. How’s your safety attitude? It can make all the difference in the world.
Let’s all play our part in safety and make 2019 even more of a success than 2018! If you see something, take care of it. If you can’t take care of it, speak up and report it to a supervisor! Bottom line is to not let safety issues go unaddressed.
– Eric