DEN Concourse A-West

Denver, Colorado

Services Performed

Excavation, Drainage, Paving

Project Owner

Denver International Airport

Project Overview


We have officially finished phase 1 on Concourse A. This job is a joint venture between Flatiron and Turner Construction. We are doing the apron paving for the Concourse A Expansion Project. Nick Hilton is the project manager for Concourse A with the superintendent being James Dixon. This project started at the beginning of June with the area for our batch plant being graded and set up. Now there is sand, rock, fly ash and cement being delivered to the plant around the clock in hopes of starting to make our own concrete very soon. Mike McClain is the main operator for the batch plant. At the concourse we started by laying all of the CTB and then completing the first stage of Concrete Pavement which included 8 – 20’ lanes and several other areas of handwork. This first stage was completed due to the commitment of both Colorado Crew and STL Crew Listed below and others that helped along the way.



DIA Concourse A Phase 7

We are staged and waiting on trucks delivering cement treated permeable base(CTPB). We made a total of six 12ft wide pulls at 4 inches thick. This a drainable base for the 17 inches of concrete that we will be pouring with our 2800 slipform paver later in the month.