North 71st Street

Boulder, Colorado

Project Overview

February 3, 2021 was the beginning of our excavation in White Rock Ditch in order to saw out and remove the existing wing walls and footings. The MW crew in Colorado will be doing this to both wing walls and footings on this side and later replacing them with new concrete.

On February 8, 2021 we began the sawing out of the wing walls and footings. A few days after, MW started on the excavation area after the removal of existing wing walls and footings. On the left side of trench, there was over-excavation beneath the footing that exposes two utility lines. This is so the crew can install a soil stabilization blanket and rip rap to create a structural fill to pour our footings on as opposed to the organic soils previously present. We will be over-excavating and soil stabilizing on the right side of the excavation in the same manner for the other footing/wing wall. After the stabilization is wrapped up, we will add reinforcing steel for the new footings to be poured. Following this, we plan to do the same process of forming and reinforcing for the wing walls on each side atop the footings.

After the structure at the White Rock Ditch Crossing is complete, we will be setting prestressed precast deck panels across the abutment walls over the ditch. 

Following utility work we will move into 71st Street & Lookout Road construction which entails excavation and grading for new sidewalks along Lookout Rd. and N 71st Street as well as the removal and replacement of existing asphalt mat/ driving surface. After 71st street we’ll be adding rock to the lobo trail as well as new weed barrier and native seeding.