Recon Txwy K & S

Lambert International Airport

Services Performed

Removals, Drainage, Subbase, Airfield Concrete Paving

Project Owner

Lambert International Airport

Project Overview

This project encompasses the realignment and reconstruction of Taxiway Kilo, the reconstruction of Taxiway Sierra and the rehabilitation of Runway 12L-30R. Also included in this project will be the replacement of the existing shoulder, drainage underdrains, installation of taxiway lighting, removal and replacement of pavement markings and improvements to the electrical circuitry.
The taxiway reconstruction work involves removing the existing PCC pavement and subbase. The existing concrete pavement will be recycled and re-used as part of the new pavement detail as per the construction plans. The new taxiway pavement will be 17” PCCP on 6” cement treated open graded base course on 4” recycled PCC base course on minimum 18” pavement rubble. The construction of the new shoulders will consist of 6” asphalt on 6” cement treated open graded base course.