Route I-70 (Route K to TR Hughes Blvd)

St. Charles, MO

Services Performed

Earthwork and grading, drainage, box culverts, concrete paving, retaining wall construction, sound wall construction

Project Owner


Project Overview

The I-70 / Route K project is an ongoing $12.9M project with the Missouri Department of Transportation in St. Charles County. The purpose of the project is to construct a new one-way South Outer Road between Route K and TR Hughes Blvd along I-70 and to convert the existing North Outer Road to one-way. Both outer roads will utilize slip ramps at both interchanges to facilitate easier traffic movement when entering and exiting I-70. During the summer of 2019, Millstone Weber will be reconstructing Route K, which includes resurfacing the pavement and adding additional lanes in each direction. The ultimate goal of the project is to minimize traffic back-ups at the I-70 and Route K interchange, one of the busiest interchanges in St. Charles County.

Millstone Weber’s portion of the contract included 35,000 CUYD of excavation, 8,000 LF of stormwater drainage pipe, 900 LF of 9’x6’ precast box culverts, 55,000 SQYD of concrete pavement, 24,000 SQFT of sound walls, 7,500 SQFT of mechanically stabilized earth retaining walls (MSE Walls), and 5,000 SQFT of soil nail retaining walls. The estimated completion date is 10/30/2019.